Little John Dwarf Bottlebrush


My favorite low maintenance evergreen shrub right now is this beauty!  It is a dwarf evergreen that can handle the Texas sun and blooms from Spring to Summer.  SCORE!  It can be found easily at your nearest nursery or home & garden store.  I found it to be reasonably priced, especially this time of year when many shrubs are on clearance.  Warning: This is a slow grower so try not to prune too much and be careful when planting not to accidentally break off any large branches.  I planted 3 of these in my front flowerbed under my Red Oak tree, this gets a lot of sun.  It looked so great that I went back for 2 more and placed them in my South facing flowerbed... it definitely gets hot afternoon sun.  The blue-gray needles already remind me of Christmas and the lighter color looks great against the dark mulch and afternoon shade. Since it grows up to 3 feet tall and 5 feet wide I think this is a great value.  I am anxious to see the red blooms next year and how well they perform in our 100+ degree weather and once-per-week only watering schedule allowed in my city.

Email me at and let me know if you have this shrub planted in your beds and what your experience has been.



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